A day in ballet

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1 | En Pointe! made by The Apiary, for The Australian Ballet

(This is going to be short but sweet.)

I wanted to take a wee bit of time out of what's shaping up to be an incredibly stressful week (it involves a Keynote deck) so I can relay to you a string of short documentaries I found online. As you well know, we're exploring Routines this January and, to further emphasize the importance / benefits of it, I thought it'd be cool to look at how it is for other creative types.

Specifically for today, I want to express my fascination for ballet dancers. I'd always assumed they were creatures of routine, great dedication and hard work, but I never realized the extent of it until I saw these films.

"It's time-consuming but what would be more annoying is being unable to dance because of the pain."

I found the first one, En Pointe! (above), as I was randomly browsing through my news feed, and it led me to a world of mini features and narratives on ballet. The rest are "a day in the life" types (I always enjoy knowing how other people go about their days), all of which bring to the table loads of insights on routines for creatives.

2 | A Day in the Life of Benedicte Bemet made by The Apiary, for The Australian Ballet

3 | I'm a Professional Ballerina | My Life, Mode.com

4 | In A Day's Work with Ballerina Sarah Mearns by Ezra Hurwitz

And while you're at it, spare some time for this written piece on Elle.

 I'll let you chew on it for yourselves (for now) and we can discuss in the comments.

So that's it for today! I'd really love to share my thoughts, but work is demanding that I redirect my attention back to the deck I'm working on.


Come around again by the end of the week for a special announcement!

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