In Retrospect: December

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Ohai. It's the last installment of the In Retrospect monthly series for 2015 and it's not even 2015 anymore. I actually considered skipping the December episode since I already did a closer for the entire year. In the end, skipping it felt like a disservice to myself, a stab to the near-perfect consistency I was [surprisingly] able to achieve over the last eleven months. Gotta start the year right!


1. December wasn't at all eventful. I met up with a couple of friends I haven't seen in a while but that aside, most of my free time was spent over Christmas shopping. I actually enjoyed it even though I had to sacrifice a big chunk of my income. If their reactions are to be believed, I think most of my family and friends were happy to receive gifts that they actually wanted to have.

2. It was a slow one at work for me. Everyone else had pitches, initiatives and other year-end projects but my brands were pretty chilled out. I'm expecting this to carry on until the first week back at work. By the rest of January, we'll probably be cramming with briefings and client presentations.

3. I got to dress up as Rey for the office's Tinder-themed Christmas party. The original idea was Leia and a Stormtrooper but seeing as they're not exactly a tandem, it didn't make sense. I told my partner I wanted to go as Rey instead, even if I hadn't seen The Force Awakens at the time. There was a very big chance that the movie would suck and the character would be as useless as fetus Anakin from Episode I. You can just imagine my relief when I finally caught the movie.

In Retrospect: December | Awesome in Manila

Oh, and look at all them cool people. From the left: Ching and Macky as Photo / Bomb *badum tss*, Ynna as James of Team Rocket (Jesse was late), to my right is James as the Black Swan, Diamond as Rihanna's...Diamond and Sam as Mary. B-an came as Princess Fiona but she wasn't able to join us for a photo since she was already in the venue. 

4. THE FORCE AWAKENS tho. Have you seen it? Did you like it? I did. I mean, the movie was a fan service down to its core but what I appreciated most was the way it was made inclusive for everybody. Even if you have no plans of seeing the first six (or five, skip I never III!) and just want to see what the fuss is about, GO. It's an enjoyable flick!

(For a more detailed review, check out my friend Misha's column on GMA!)

And on my last two favorite things...

5. Financially, I did OK. I was still able to set aside some money even after all the shopping.

6. Feelings-wise...let's just say I haven't been this comfortable in a while.


Your turn!

How was your December? How did you celebrate Christmas this year?

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