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In case you're wondering, yes we're still on Routines the whole month of January but while I'm still fixing my [as of press time, imaginary] editorial calendar, I decided to finally publish my first entry to this insightful link-up by Louise of the blog Tales and Escapades called #YouBlogYou. 

#YouBlogYou is a blog series that's designed to give bloggers a nudge towards solidifying their identity and improving on their craft by way of questionnaires prepared by Louise herself. The questions require both looking in and reaching out, and are crafted to consider all aspects of what we do. They are all great sets of questions (I've accomplished three volumes already) and I recommend every blogger to participate.

I came across the link-up while scouring for good reads in a Facebook group for local bloggers. It managed to grab my attention by its name alone and after reading through Louise's first post, I was hooked. I knew this was something I can get behind since I always enjoy sharing learnings.

#YouBlogYou entries will be up every Wednesday on Awesome in Manila.

But that's enough babbling, let's cut straight to it.


1. What inspired you to blog? 
Short explanation: I always have so many (random) things running through my mind. I needed an outlet. (I've prepared a lengthier one to share for a more special day.)

2. When did you start blogging? 
Early 2010. In the middle of finalizing our college paper. I didn't fully commit to it until after graduation.

3. What's the topic you enjoy blogging the most? 
Lately, adulting.  Generally speaking, there's not one topic that I most enjoy writing about. I just like connecting with people through the content I put out,  which is why I've kicked against the whole "find your niche" advice and nestled in the lifestyle category. (Or is it an acceptable niche, now?) I can be fascinated by many things at the same time and I have reason to believe that most people are the same way.

4. How long does it usually take you to finish a blog post? 
It varies. It can be a few minutes, a few hours, a few days.

5. If you were to name three (3) goals you want your blog to achieve next year, what would it be?
One - A more active circle of readers. I'm not much into numbers but I do like exchanging thoughts with the very few who make the extra effort to visit the comments. I understand that it has to do in part with both the type of content that I go for and the way I write. Always trying to improve.

Two - Get more useful content out every month.

Three - Host at least one giveaway.

6. Does your family know about your blogging career? Why or why not?
Yes. I used to share links on Facebook when I was starting out. I don't anymore because...

7. Which blog or blogger inspires you the most?
I'll cheat and share three: Ann Vonskamp,  The Praying Woman and Gemma Styles. Gemma's not a blogger but a contributor to The DebriefI don't read all of the site's content, just hers. She is all of us millenials.

8. What is the greatest achievement your blog has received? If you haven't got any, what would be the achievement you'd want to receive?
Awesome in Manila was a finalist in the Personal Diary / Lifestyle category at the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards. Didn't win but massively honored to be nominated!

9. What is your best viewed post? Share it with us by providing a hyperlink and a short description about it.
Most viewed of all time is my review on Wai Ying. It's where I dished the deets on all the Chinese food I stuffed my face with on my 23rd birthday. Good times. Anybody else ever been to Wai Ying?

10. If you were to give out three (3) pieces of advice for newbie bloggers, what would it be?
One - Do the work. Those blogging superstars that you look up to, chances are it took them a whole lot more than prettiness to get to where they are now. (True for some, at least.) Blogging is as much of a science as it is a business, as it is an art. And any blogger would do well to keep up with the newest strategies, tactics and trends.

Two - Be open to criticism. It's not about pleasing anyone, but you hafta understand that not everyone who comes to disagree or point out a flaw means any harm. Take negative comments with a grain of salt and see if it can be constructive.

Three - Take it easy. Don't worry too much about stats or freebies or profit. The best reward is good content. To bloggers, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

11. If you were to give out three (3) pieces of advice for yourself as a blogger, what would it be?
It's a bit weird to be giving yourself any advice. Personally, I don't find listening to me a good idea. So let's turn this around! If you were to give this blogger three (3) pieces of advice, what would it be? :)

You Blog You
#YouBlogYou is a link-up series created by Louise of Louisechelle | Tales and Escapades.  Link-ups are a great way to make new connections and I find that this series in particular will help bloggers 1) look deeper in such a way that can help improve their craft and 2) give the readers a better understanding of who they are as people behind the brand and their purpose for doing what they do. If you blog, come and join the fun! Clicking the image on the left will take you to the full mechanics.

If you're a reader, you're also welcome to the party. Find a question in the list that you can or would like to answer and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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