The Life366 Project Linkup: January 29 to February 4

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Before we proceed with the link-up, a few announcements:

  • Our January Giveaway is now closed. To everyone who joined, thank you. Tune in over the weekend for the announcement of winners. In a week or two, I will let you know what I'll be giving away this February.
  • I'll also be writing about our theme for the month during the weekend. We're a bit late on that but please allow me the next few days to recuperate from my Hanoi trip. (I'm back, btw!)
It's going to be another busy month here at Awesome in Manila!


Time for another link-up!

This time, we're jumping in on a photo documentation series called The Life 366 Project with Lola & Lane. I knew about the link-up through a post on a Facebook group that Brittney (the creator) and I are both in.

I'll be her co-host this week and I especially requested the dates that covered my birthday (consequently, my Hanoi getaway). If you want to join, click on the button at the end of the post to find the mechanics.

I've had a rather lovely week and I'm very happy to share glimpses of it here!

The Life366 Project Linkup | Awesome in Manila

January 29, 2016, Friday
This is not the best way to start a week-long project but I have to be honest: I totally forgot about the link-up and only remembered it on the way home from church. I floated through all of Friday.

I got done packing for my Hanoi trip, sat all day for a marathon of The Producers and attended Leadership Night at church. I ended the day with this 7-Eleven bagel.

The Life366 Project Linkup | Awesome in Manila

January 30, 2016, Saturday
Took this on the way to Ninoy Aquino International Airport. During the entire drive, I was obsessing about how beautiful dusk was that day. It was a very nice sendoff to Hanoi! It was a fitting way to say goodbye to being 24yo, too.

The Life366 Project Linkup | Awesome in Manila

January 31, 2016, Sunday
Day one: Hanoi. I'm always on leave from work during my birthday, but this is the first time I've celebrated it away from home. I tend to avoid big celebrations as much as I can. And even just for once, it's nice to be surrounded by strangers who have neither knowledge nor care. It was fun to spend an entire day walking around and amusing myself.

The Life366 Project Linkup | Awesome in Manila

February 1, 2016, Monday
Day two: Hanoi. This was the boat that took us around Halong Bay. I used to find being in the middle of a body of water scary - I have a great fear of drowning and suffocating to death. However, I do find the ocean as the best place to reflect on how limitless God's power is, and I wasn't going to pass on an opportunity to visit one of His best works. This is just a glimpse of my Hanoi trip!

The Life366 Project Linkup | Awesome in Manila

February 2, 2016, Tuesday
Day three: Hanoi. And the last. I was so beat after our Halong Bay excursion, I only went out to the city for a few hours. I had coffee and lunch, bought souvenirs, caught the water puppet show and was back at the hotel before sunset. This hearty cup of hot chocolate from Oriberry and reruns of Family Outing on Youtube kept me company until it was time to leave for my flight home.

The Life366 Project Linkup | Awesome in Manila

February 3, 2016, Wednesday
Touchdown Manila. I was away for only three days but I'd felt so homesick. Tried to catch up on sleep as soon as I got home, caught up with a few of my TV obsessions and did laundry. I was so tired from my trip, I did well to extend my break until the end of the week. Staycation time!

The Life366 Project Linkup | Awesome in Manila

February 4, 2016, Thursday
Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? It happens when the mind wakes up before the body, causing the person to know that he or she is no longer sleeping or dreaming but is unable to move or get up. I experienced it for the first time a few years ago and it was the scariest thing. Usually, when it happens, there was always something freakishly off, like a feeling that there's something supernatural nearby. Nowadays, I've come to accept that it's purely a scientific phenomenon. They even say sleep paralysis is a defense mechanism of sorts, wherein the body is preventing the sleeper to act out his or her dreams.

Still, I prefer not going through it, like I did again this afternoon. Twice.

Lola & Lane

"With the new year beginning, I wanted to start 2016 out with a bang! I'm pretty excited to begin the Life366 Project! I want to be able to look back on 2016 and be able to remember what happened throughout the year. There's so much in our lives that we don't remember, so here's a way to help us not forget those small moments we will one day wish we remembered!" -Brittney of Lola & Lane

Meet the Host and Co-Hosts!

Brittney//Lola & Lane

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