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Hey, guys! It feels great to be blogging about Manila again. (It's been A WHILE.) For the last few weeks, I've just been rushing everything there is to write about Hanoi while juggling growing work load at the office, so everything else had to take a back seat. Still, I wouldn't have it any other way because one (brief, but memorable) part of my birthday trip set the tone for today's feature.

Art Fair Philippines 2016 | Awesome in Manila

As the years go by, my features on art fairs and special exhibitions get shorter and shorter. Oddly enough, the more events I go to, the less I come to see. I no longer graze piece after piece - gallery after gallery, I tend to just gravitate to what instantly catches my eye and pore over the few pieces that truly pique my curiosity. And this applies not only to art fairs but in everything of interest like travelling, music, books, food and even people.

It could be that I'm just extra moody or that my tastes and preferences are really shaping up. Lately when I take to something, it's like I already know the kind of experience I want to walk away with, and I prefer to spend as little time as possible exploring other options. Less is more if less is better. You can say I got no mo' FOMO.

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Blinding I 
by Allan Balisi

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User 1 
by Julis Redillas

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by Ferdie Montemayor

Infinity Nets
by Yayoi Kusama

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A Sliver of Silver
by Ronald Caringal

OK, maybe not yet 100% FOMO-free. I didn't get to see Mark Justiniani's Infinity Series (a friend kept pointing to it and yet I missed it) and for that, Instagram-envy will continue to haunt me until the next art event.

Were you able to go to this year's Art Fair Philippines? Did you have a favorite piece?

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