Kanto Journal Vol. 3

1:51:00 PM

Just a quick plug!

If you enjoyed reading about my Hanoi experience, here's an update: our story was picked up by Kanto Journal: Creative Corners, a non-profit magazine dedicated to architecture, art, design and travel. (Check out my interview with Kanto's founder, Patrick.) For this issue, I worked on a photo essay called 'Kaleidoscope', which you can find starting page 173.

Kanto Journal is truly a visual experience. You will find pages after pages of stunning photography and sketches, but even if you're not into that, there are also a few travel features to get you wander-lusting.

Btw, the magazine is free for download. Please show support for all the creatives who lent their talents by grabbing your very own copy here. Or read it on Issuu!

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