No goodbyes

6:50:00 PM

Hey, guys!

I'll keep this short. I just came by to say that I've already moved! From here on out, I will be blogging at

This may be coming out of nowhere, but I've actually been planning the move for quite some time now. I saved the explanation for the welcome post.

I've had great memories with this blog, but the most important thing that Awesome in Manila has allowed to happen in my life is meeting interesting people from all over the world. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of this blog's readers and, if any, silent lurkers, for making this experience a purposeful one.

I don't know if the new blog will be of any interest to you. It will be a different adventure in many respects. In any case, I will definitely miss our little community here. I'll make sure to keep in touch with all of you, even if it's only through the comments section of your blogs.

I'll see you around!

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